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2018 Poverty and the Urgency of Prisoner Reentry and Life Restoration

Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2018

Since 2005 Open Door America has worked to unlock the secret codes of intergenerational poverty in America’s inner cities.  Now in year thirteen, our story has greater meaning and urgency than ever before.  Having come on line just nine years after major welfare reform in 1996, we straightaway benefited from the raised awareness and excitement of the faith-based initiative movement of the early 2000's.  By the end of our first decade, however, a sharp decline in nationwide community development investment, especially in the key area of federal housing, reshaped our thinking away from traditional block-to-block recovery strategies to individualized programming that targets heads of households, young fathers, and in particular, ex-offenders and current offenders who hold sway in the poorest neighborhoods.  Today, 22 years into the nation’s endless rancorous debate over poverty and government spending, we operate in a political and cultural environment where the very existence of entrenched poverty is openly questioned in Washington.  We believe the lessons learned from our improbable survivor's journey and the promising potential of our current efforts to retrieve first-time offenders and restore vetted recidivists are essential to this discussion and critical to America's social and economic future. 

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